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What could you achieve if you only Dared To Be?

Get your free pass to this incredible masterclass, where you will discover the secrets to true confidence.


Uncover the powerful tools to release fear and self-doubt so that you can confidently show up, speak up and take action.   

To the People-Pleasing Overthinkers & Over-feelers...

You know you've got more to give to the world but there’s a voice in your head that's saying…

- You're not good enough

- Your dreams are unrealistic.

- You'll make a fool of yourself when you fail.


It leaves you feeling stuck, helpless and unworthy.

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But what if I told you that you can… 

Quieten down that negative voice that holds you back from showing up at your best.

Let go of the people-pleasing, perfectionist behaviours that are leaving you exhausted and drained.

Learn how to accept and trust wholeheartedly in yourself and the decisions you make.

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You'd want to know how right?

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I am so excited to bring to you my 4 Day Online Masterclass:


Starting Monday 26 February 2024 
at 6:30pm

I'll be revealing the neuroscience and subconscious reprogramming tools to foster a mindset primed for ease, confidence and success.

Discover how you can release fear and start taking gentle but productive action to create a happy and successful life - with an authenticity that allows you to be in charge of your emotions so that you can show up as the best version of you. 

 There is also an opportunity to receive free advice when you join the sessions live!


'I've been to therapy for years and NONE of it touched on what you've just gone through, I'm actually mind blown' - Catherine, Teacher


'That was powerful! I really felt the shift there and it feels like something that has been stuck for years (perhaps even my whole life!) has shifted.'

- Marta, Healthcare Support Worker


'I am now the happiest I have been in such a long time.'

- Natasha, Coach

Who's this masterclass for?

The people-pleasing, overthinkers, over-feelers, perfectionists and procrastinators


- anyone who feels they're held back by a lack of confidence.


  • You easily get overwhelmed and find yourself freezing or avoiding tasks.

  • You have big dreams but doubt yourself and your abilities.

  • You compare yourself to people who look more successful and question yourself, your ability and how others view you.

  • No matter how much you rationalise things in your head, you still overthink and imagine the worse-care scenarios.

  • When you take action, you focus on the negatives and beat yourself over the slightest mistake.

  • You don't feel brave enough to share your true self with anyone because you worry about how you will be perceived.

  • You want to feel as confident on the inside as you look on the outside.


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An in depth understanding of where your fear comes from and how to cultivate self-love instead of self-sabotage.

Untitled (800 × 1000px)(12).png


Learn the tools to create a life where low self-esteem is replaced with confidence and self-worth.

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Get clear on your vision and feel ready to take steps outside of your comfort zone to achieve your goals.  




  • Empower yourself with the understanding of where the fear come from (not where you usually think!), figure out your limiting beliefs and becoming more self-aware.

  • Learn simple but effective tools to gain back control of your mind when fear sets in.

  • Discover how your inner ally can guide you on your path to taking action.


  • Let me lead you into a guided meditation to meet and connect with your inner child.

  • Re-programme your subconscious belief patterns that were imprinted on your brain as a child so that you nurture and rebuild your self-esteem and confidence.

  • Uncover the tools to help you unlock your ability to show up as your best self.


DAY 4 - Q'N'A


  • On Zoom

  • This will be powerful so bring all of your questions and ask me anything!

  • Your chance to chat to me about specifics relating to your challenges.

  • Receive bespoke advice to help you on your journey.



  • Connect your present self to your ideal future in a guided visualisation.

  • Root into your purpose and drive so that you can move towards the happy, successful version of you.

  • Learn how you can trust yourself to make decisions and take action.

  • Create a blueprint that will help you map out and achieve your goals.

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'I initially went to Nicole to help with better quality sleep and she did so much more for me than that. Despite incredibly challenging personal circumstances, I had improved sleep, better health, improved stress management and reduced anxiety. Her therapy truly was a game changer and her scientific explanations underpinning the therapy made complete sense. I can't recommend her highly enough.'

- Laura Robinson, Social Media Marketer

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By the end of these 4 days, you will have the tools to turn down the volume on your inner chatter, unlock your ability to show up as your best self and feel confident and inspired to take aligned action towards your goals.

​I can't wait!


I am Nicole - creator of The ReAlign Your Mind Method and the founder of NC Hypnotherapy.  

I'm a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser who after years of working in education found that I had lost my spark.

As a teacher, I put enormous pressure on myself to do everything. With the limited resources available and the increasing frustration of not being able to ‘fix’ it all,  I soon found myself burned out: drained, exhausted and doubting my purpose in the world.

I experienced a life-changing awakening which led me onto a journey of self-discovery, reconnection and eventually retraining as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & a Past Life Regressionist.

A perfect match as I am able to combine my passion for teaching and my purpose in empowering and guiding others to get their spark back and reach their goals. 

I've helped hundreds of overwhelmed overthinkers & over-feelers of the world to get back into the driver's seat of their life by getting their minds to work for them rather than against them.

Because I truly believe that no matter what has happened in the past and what path your life has taken, you deserve to feel confident to be your true self and live a happy and fulfilling life.

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Who is this Masterclass for?


The people-pleasing, overthinkers, over-feelers, perfectionists and procrastinators…

Whether you are looking to increase your confidence professionally or personally, to be able to show up in certain situations or just feel more confident in yourself… this Masterclass is for you!

Basically it's for anyone who wants to change their life: ditch the doubt, take control and gain lasting confidence.

Will there be a replay if I can't make it live?


Yes, replays will be available in the Facebook group.

However, I highly recommend that you do your very best to turn up LIVE (you get so much more out of it – energetically AND because you can ask all the questions you want).

If you do miss it though, you will get a link for the replay emailed to you the very next day.


Replays are available for 5 days after the final day.


I am super busy - how much time is this going to take?


I hear you. We've all got that never-ending to do list to tackle… 

Each session will be 90 minutes. 

I won't be padding things out and you won't get stuck listening to my life story (yawn). 

I have designed this Masterclass so that it is jam-packed with high quality value and practical tools to get you tangible results.

I've never meditated before/struggle to meditate - will that be a problem?

Not at all! Despite what some meditation ‘gurus’ say, there's no right or wrong way to meditate. 

I will guide you through the whole process and if your mind drifts and dreams that's perfectly fine! 

What would I need to bring to the session?


Just bring your lovely self, a drink, a pen and paper.

For our guided meditations you might want a blanket or pillow to hand to get extra comfy in the experience.


What if I have more questions?

I’m happy to help! Just drop me a DM or email me by clicking here - I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

You are also more than welcome to join the Facebook Group The Attentive Mind Collective and pop any questions in there. 

What are you waiting for?

There has NEVER been a more perfect time for you to ditch the doubt and show up as your true authentic self.

But be quick as this opportunity isn't going to last forever…

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