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Hypnotherapy for infertilty - IVF treatment

Some people get pregnant quickly (usually between 1 and 2 years), but for others it is not always that simple.

In fact, infertility rates in the UK are rising and about 1 in 6 couples have difficulty or are unable to conceive.

Seeking medical advice and support can help with physical issues, but about 15% of couples that stuggle with fertility there is no known physical cause.

There is more and more evidence that shows that stress has a huge impact on fertility – and this is where I can help.

Stress and infertility

If there are no medical reasons to stop you from conceiving, then it is likely that psychological factors are getting in the way. There's growing evidence to suggest that stress may be a contributory factor to lack of conception.

Struggling to conceive can also lead to anxiety and depression, feelings of inadequacy, and take a toll on your relationships. For some it can lead to social anxiety and avoidance of situations where other couples with young children and babies are present. This can cause further stress, isolation and loneliness.


Stress can also upset the natural balance of hormones necessary for healthy sperm development, menstruation, ovulation, fertilisation, and even successful implantation of the egg.

Lifestyle choices and habits may also play a significant role in your ability to conceive. When you are less stressed, you're more likely to make better decisions about our lifestyle.

So how can Hypnotherapy help for fertility?

  • Enhances fertility by reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Increases feelings of calm and relaxation.

  • Helps alleviate symptoms of depression.

  • Helps to restore your mental and emotional balance and physical wellbeing.

  • Makes it easier to make any lifestyle changes that are advised.

  • Gives you support through the process

How does hypnotherapy help with IVF?

If you’re going through IVF it is more than likely you are experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. The experience can be extremely stressful and can lead to anxiety or depression over time. But the good news is that by reducing your stress you are more likely to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Clinical studies have shown that hypnosis can double the IVF success success rate compared to IVF alone.

Interested in Hypnotherapy for Fertility?

Unfortunately Hypnotherapy cannot guarantee success but it can help you to optimise the likelihood of conception by promoting a healthy balance in mind and body and give you the support and tools to cope.

Whether you are trying to become pregnant for the first time, the second time or through IVF treatment, it is essential to boost your mental health as well as your physical health.

If fertility is proving a challenge for you then get in touch to arrange an informal chat or book an appointment for an Initial Consultation.

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