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Hypnotherapy for
Children & Teenagers

Some of the most common reasons that Hypnotherapy may be used for children and teenagers are:

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Bedwetting

  • Bullying

  • Depression

  • Eating or food anxieties

  • Fears and phobias

  • Habits (such as thumb sucking and nail biting)

  • Hair pulling (also known as Trichotillomania)

  • Low self-esteem or confidence

  • OCD

  • School or exam stress

  • Sleep issues

The benefits of Hypnotherapy for children are the same as for adults. In fact, children can be even more receptive to hypnosis as it makes use of their imagination – motivating them to be creative in exploring their future and discovering new experiences.


Unlike other forms of therapy, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does not focus on the problem, but instead on the child’s present and preferred future. It empowers them with the tools to identify small steps towards their desired goals.

As an ex-teacher with over 10 years experience in education and pastorial care, I have a good understanding of how the younger mind works and behaves, as well as working with parents on how to support their children and  strengthen the relationship with schools in order to provide the best support.


The information I share with children and teens is presented in way that is appropriate for their age, understanding and interests. Not only are sessions relaxing and engaging, but it also provides an important foundation in helping your child understand themselves and their mental health.

If you are interested in Hypnotherapy for your child or would like to learn more about how you can best support your child's well-being then get in touch to book a free phone call.

How do the sessions work?

Initial Consultation


Before we do any trance or therapy work, I will talk to the parent or carer about the presenting issue. This is best done without the child present so that you can talk freely about your concerns.


During the Initial Consultation with the child, I will gather information from them about what they would like help with and what they would like to be able to achieve following our work together.


After this, I will explain how the brain works, which is a powerful for them (and you as the parent) as it helps them to understand that what they are experiencing is not ‘weird’ or ‘abnormal’ but how the brain is designed to function. When children understand what is happening in the brain, it can be the first step to having the power to take control and make better choices.

I’ll also explain how the subsequent sessions will work, what trance is and answer any questions that you or they may have. After the consultation finishes, I will send a copy of my audio, which I encourage clients to listen to before bed to help them relax and get good quality sleep.


Subsequent sessions


At the start of each session we will have a short discussion about what has been good about their previous week and I will explain or revise some neuroscience in an age-appropriate manner, using practical resources if needed.


As part of the talk therapy, we will then explore how they wish for their preferred future to be and what small step they can take towards moving themselves in that direction.


We then end sessions with trance, which uses guided visualisations, metaphors and stories as a nice relaxing way for them to accept positive suggestions and move towards making those positive changes. This can seem a little daunting for children to start with, but I give them the option to snuggle up on their bed/sofa or they can colour/draw if they prefer.


Support in between sessions


After the Initial Consultation, I will send you a copy of my audio, which your child should listen to every night before they go to sleep.  It will help calm their mind, which will help with their sleeping, and as I will explain in the initial consultation, sleep plays an important role in your child’s wellbeing. The audio helps to reinforce the work that we do in the sessions and it can also be listened to at other points in the day as a form of ‘down time.’


It is also useful if you can help support your child to write down what has been good for them each day as this is something we will talk about at the start of each session.

If you would like to find out how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy could help support your child, get in touch to book a free telephone call.



  • What age can children have hypnotherapy?


I am able to work with children aged 8 and over. If your child is younger, feel free to contact me as I can work with you as the parent to support your child. Quite often children pick up subconscious cues and I can work with you to identify small changes that can help you with supporting your child’s needs.


  • How are sessions conducted?

I suggest that it is a good idea that a parent or carer is with them during the initial consultation - . If they are slightly anxious then it may be helpful for the parent to stay with them for subsequent sessions.


However, it is important, particularly with older children and teenagers, that we respect the child’s choice if they wish to see me on their own.

Whilst you can be present in each session, my attention will be with the child. For the process to be effective, it is important that they are able to voice their own thoughts and visualisations for a more positive future.

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