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Past Life Regression Experience

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Essex and online

You sit. Lay back. Get yourself comfortable.

A wriggle here or there to adjust.

You wonder what will happen next.

Maybe you’ll say something ridiculous. Maybe you’ll panic.

Questions begin to form in your mind. What if you see something you don’t want to? What if you see nothing at all? How will you know if you’ve made it up? A barrage of questions filling your mind. You start to believe that you will be unable to relax.

But then the music starts.

Softly at first so you can just hear it over your breath. A soft soulful sound that begins to seep into your consciousness and wash away your doubts.

A voice speaks.

Gentle and calm. Guiding you on this journey. Reassuring you that everything will be fine.

An image starts to form; a spiritual sanctuary that begins to unfold in your mind, bringing peace and clarity. It is not a place you would have expected but it is exactly the place you are supposed to be. And you know it. You know it with such certainty that it is strange to you that you have never considered this place before. So familiar, yet unexpected.

You spend a few moments here. Centering yourself, readying to journey backwards, knowing that this place is here waiting for you, whenever you need it. Safe inside your mind.

You take the next step. Stepping back through the memories of your life. Happy moments full of love and family. Memories you have cherished since they first came into being. A parade of moments that have formed your life.

Another step backwards. Arriving in a place you have not been before. A place that you are, for this moment, meant to be.

The image floods your mind. Clear and vibrant. You can hear the music, the guiding voice, even your own voice but they are all distant. There, but not there. Present but not focal.

You are inside the image.

Your awareness is centered on the memory surrounding you, familiar but unknown.

Emotions arise.

A sense of knowing and calm. You know instinctively that whilst you may not remember, you have indeed been here before.

Another you.

A you that you may not know but a you, that has played a part in the person you have become.

You feel who you were in this moment. How this you responded to this time, to this feeling. You know you were brought here for a reason, even if that reason remains unclear right now.

You know you needed to see. To see what was in order to understand what is.

When you are ready you step away.

Past Life Regression lying on couch during hypnosis

Then, another step, another memory.

Guided through moments from your past. Brief flashes of history that you re-live. Moment after moment; time after time.

Gathering the information your soul knows you need.

Until, with an internal instant knowing, your journey is complete.

As you step away, your sanctuary appears before you. Gathering you up inside it, filling you with warmth and comfort. Reminding you that you have done exactly what you were supposed to. You can trust that your experience, was exactly what was meant for you.

Unique and exactly as your soul intended.

You become more aware of what is happening around you. Slowly, bringing your awareness back to the present moment.

And then you open your eyes.

Past life regression was something that had always intrigued me and I had an amazing experience with Nicole. I was a little nervous beforehand but she very quickly put me at ease and reassured me of the process. I knew that I could trust her to guide me safely through it and I would definitely recommend her if you are intrigued to investigate your past for clarity or just out of curiosity, either way it’s well worth the experience.

Past Life Regression client holding her book

Written by Gemma Cutmore, Primary School Teacher and Author of Kali’s Little Light.

You can find Gemma on instagram @soulfulsymbolism

If you are interested in finding out more about Past Life Regression get in touch.


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